Meetings & Workshop Schedule - 2010

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Date Type Topic Presenter  
01-16-2010 Meeting Energy Outlook for a Cooler and a Warming World Kevin Book details
02-20-2010 Workshop Exchange Traded Funds for Trading and Yield Dennis A. Kranyak details
03-20-2010 Meeting Value Investing for Today’s Market Randy Beeman details
04-17-2010 Meeting Improving Your Skills in the Fine Art of Selling Donald Cassidy details
05-15-2010 Meeting Analyzing Stocks using the Strategies of Buffett, Lynch, and Graham John Reese details
06-19-2010 Meeting What You Need to Know About High Dividend Investing Harry Domash details
07-17-2010 Workshop Implementing an Economic Trends-Based Investment Strategy Using ETFs Bob Pugh details
09-11-2010 Meeting Where in the World Should You Invest? David John Marotta details
10-16-2010 Meeting Key Personal Finance Issues for 2010-2011 Bob Carlson details
11-20-2010 Meeting Healthcare Reform – What Taxpayers and Investors Need to Know Now Bob Pugh & William S. Duvall details
Dec-2010 No Event This Month