2014 Calendar at-a-glance

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Date Type Topic Presenter  
01-18-14 Meeting America's Energy Renaissance: Top Plays for Income and Growth Elliott Gue details
02-15-14 Workshop How I Invest Using the WishingWealth General Market Index (GMI) and Green Line Break-outs Dr. Eric D. Wish details
03-15-2014 Meeting and Board Meeting How to Earn Double-Digit Returns While Avoiding Major Down Markets in a Safety First Approach Nicholas Atkeson details
04-19-2014 Meeting (Joint with
Better Investing)
Managing Your Money During Retirement Maria Crawford Scott details
05-17-2014 Workshop Using Alternative Investments to Enhance Portfolio Performance Bob Pugh details
06-14-2014 Meeting and Board Meeting Predicting Market Trends Using Barron’s Peter Miller details
07-19-2014 Workshop Covered Call Writing to Generate Monthly Cash Flow Dr. Eric Wish and Dr. Alan Ellman details
August-2014 No Meeting
09-20-2014 Meeting and Board Meeting Seven Advisor Strategies That You Should Be Doing Now John Marotta details
10-18-2014 Meeting (Joint with
Better Investing)
Strategies for Pursuing Your Retirement Paycheck Christine Benz details
11-15-2014 Meeting and Board Meeting What Have the Markets Done in 2014 and How Will that Impact 2015 Nancy Osmond Popovich details
December-2014 No Meeting