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July 17, 2021

"Active Growth Investing"
Matthew Caruso, CFA, CM, President, Caruso Investments
Presentation Description

As a professional investor with a deep background in finance and market analysis, Matt Caruso is driven to achieve outsized returns while managing the ever-present market risks. In this presentation, he will share his techniques on how to combine low risk buy signals with high quality growth stocks to earn top returns while taking the appropriate steps to control the impact of drawdowns.

Attend this meeting to learn:
  • How to adapt an investment strategy to achieve your goals
  • The key formula critical to investment success
  • How to identify low risk buy patterns

Speaker Biography

Matthew Caruso is a professional investor at Caruso Investments & educator at He is a former market maker and past President of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts. As an adjunct finance professor at Concordia University, he developed and taught Canada’s first fully accredited undergraduate finance course with a focus on Technical Analysis. In 2020 he returned 346% in the US Investing Championship. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Condordia University.

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